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Photo Quest #104 – Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We enjoyed Halloween party at BAR Remix with our friends together.  DJs selected excellent musics so we enjoyed music, alcohol and talking until the next morning as usual :D
Halloween party itself is not so popular in Japan, however, we can see many Halloween goods at many shops recently.  I hope carved pumpkin becomes more popular in Japan.  Ah, I missed taking photos of that my daughter made fake Jack-o’-lantern with orange and persimmon with black ink.  I show you her work of her father (me!), mother, grandmother, great-grand mother, grandfather with oranges with black ink, though it’s not Halloween shot.

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Two more cosmos pictures

Cosmos field in the Expo’70 Memorial Park in Osaka

Photo Quest #103 – Show us your wildlife

It was a little difficult for me to look for wildlife because most of flowers, parks and animals I can see here are not wild ones.  Anyway, I went to Expo’70 Memorial Park with my cameras.  Fortunately I met some insects in the park and all the insects in the park are, yes, wildlife.

Dragonfly:  PENTAX K200D + TAMRON 272E (Manual mode, f/6.3, 1/160, ISO200)


Praying mantis:  PENTAX K200D + TAMRON 272E (Av mode, f/4.0, 1/800, ISO200)


Bee:  PENTAX K200D + TAMRON 272E (Tv mode, f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO400)

I just re-seized these three photos.

Thank you, Maureen!!!

I spent Maureen’s gift for her Photo Quest #100 partially of photography books of August Sander; People of the 20th century.  Thank you very much, Maureen!
I heartily hope the seven photo books effect me so much and they make me think deepen about photography :)

Cosmos at Expo’70 Memorial Park

I visited Expo’70 Memorial Park today when my family went shopping.  It was a national holiday here in Japan on October 10 and was fine weather.  There were so many families, couples and amateur photographers in the park.  Main purpose of photographers was taking photos of cosmos.  For me, of course, cosmos :)  I got the park at noon so I had lunch and took a walk for a while.  I wanted to be in cosmos garden around 15:00 to get lower position of the sun.

Anyway, I got cosmos garden around 15:00 and I found blooming season of cosmos in the garden has just started.  I like to visit there within this month to shoot in full bloom.

Cosmos:  PENTAX K200D + smc PENTAX-DA Fish-eye 1:3.5-4.5 10-17mm (Manual mode, f/11.0, 1/400, ISO200)

Some photos taken at the athletic festival

Running like the wind:  PENTAX K200D + smc PENTAX DA 1:4-5.6 50-200mm ED

Start dash:  PENTAX K200D + smc PENTAX DA 1:4-5.6 50-200mm ED

Passing of the batons:  PENTAX K200D + smc PENTAX DA 1:4-5.6 50-200mm ED

WPG’s Photo Quest #102 – Show us what you like or dislike about Fall/Spring

An athletic festival of an elementary school where my son goes to was held today.  It was fine weather today though weather news told tomorrow will be rainy.  I enjoyed my son’s running and dancing very much.  The athletic festival seemed a photography event because many parents took photos with their CANON, NIKON, OLYMPUS and SONY and/or recorded with video cameras.  I was the only one who took photos with PENTAX (;^_^).  Anyway, my photos are so-so fall photos because athletic festival in Japan is usually held in fall.

After the athletic festival, I went to a mountain side with my partner and son to look for more fall like objects.  And found these ones :D

Flying & dancing pink cosmos:  PENTAX K-x + TAMRON A16 (Manual mode, f/4.0, 1/250, ISO200)

Terraced rice fields in fall:  PENTAX K-x + TAMRON A16 (Manual mode, f/4.5, 1/200, ISO200)

Red spider lily:  PENTAX K-x + TAMRON A16 (Manual mode, f/2.8, 1/500, ISO200)

All three images were taken without tripod and were edited with iPhoto ’09.

I wanted to introduce Japanese fall to you so I selected typical flowers and view which were seen in fall here.
Red spider lily is one of my favorite flowers so I liked to choose the 2nd and the 3rd ones :)

All mix party “TRIANGLE” report

As I mentioned before I enjoyed all mix party “TRIANGLE” at JK IBARAKI on September 18, 2010.  Over 120 people visited the bar and enjoyed excellent musics and alcohol together.  Thank you very much again to join us.

I took over 780 photos at the party without sleeping, hehe.  Though it took time to select & edit photos, I updated 128 photos to my website below.
Please visit the website if you have free time.  It would be great for me if you feel energy of young people from my photos.

We were dancing to “Long Train Runnin'” of club remix version :D

A swallowtail butterfly

I visited my parents with my family last weekend.  I’m looking forward to seeing my mom’s flowers whenever I go there.  Unfortunately there was no good object to shoot in her garden this time so I made up my mind to go out with my camera.

I met a beautiful swallowtail butterfly very soon.  The butterfly kept on eating.  It must be so hungry :D

Rice field in Nara prefecture, Japan.  Harvest season will come soon.

I met a praying mantis in the rice field.  The praying mantis must say “WHAT?”  haha

I finally found a red spider lily.  It was the first one I saw this year.  It seems blooming season of red spider lily is two weeks behind compared with last year.

Interim party report of “TRIANGLE”

First of all I thank you so much for enjoying the party together.  Seven hours non-stop music selected by DJs, drinking and talking with my friends and shooting exciting field…all the things were great.  Many people already asked the stuff when we have the next party :D

Anyway I have to select and edit my photos of the party and it must take some days because I finished 4GB SD card.  I’ll let you know when I finish my work.

Special thanks to realworld; “may the light be with you” haha