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DJ photos = K5 + fisheye + flash + action

These three photos were taken at a small party organized by my friend who lives in Nagoya.  He drove his car two hours for the party here.  We enjoyed excellent musics selected by DJs and Jack Daniel’s together.  Thanks my friend!  Music and whisky make me forget negative thinking and make me go ahead.

I also enjoyed taking photos of DJs with my PENTAX K-5 + fisheye + flash.  Using flash with slow shutter speed of 1 sec. gave these photos interesting effects, isn’t it?  It is my pleasure that you feel like listening music and smelling alcohol when you watch my photos :)


JAZZ LIVE on January 9, 2011

I have cough and soar throat and I must catch a cold.  I gave up going out today so I had a time to check my photos I took recently.

JAZZ LIVE at BAR Remix on January 9, 2011

Ms. Junko Koyanagi (vo)

Mr. Kazuya Fukuro (b)

Mr. Yoichiro Sanya (ds)

Mr. Hiroshi Hata (g)

Their play was incredibly comfortable and all the audiences had an excellent time with great jazz music and alcohol.  As for me it was a good experience to take photos at very dark place without flash.  Considering shutter speed and ISO speed quickly was really needed this time.  I hope I can get much better photos next time.  Please check other photos of the session if you have free time.


Photo Quest #104 – Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We enjoyed Halloween party at BAR Remix with our friends together.  DJs selected excellent musics so we enjoyed music, alcohol and talking until the next morning as usual :D
Halloween party itself is not so popular in Japan, however, we can see many Halloween goods at many shops recently.  I hope carved pumpkin becomes more popular in Japan.  Ah, I missed taking photos of that my daughter made fake Jack-o’-lantern with orange and persimmon with black ink.  I show you her work of her father (me!), mother, grandmother, great-grand mother, grandfather with oranges with black ink, though it’s not Halloween shot.

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All mix party “TRIANGLE” report

As I mentioned before I enjoyed all mix party “TRIANGLE” at JK IBARAKI on September 18, 2010.  Over 120 people visited the bar and enjoyed excellent musics and alcohol together.  Thank you very much again to join us.

I took over 780 photos at the party without sleeping, hehe.  Though it took time to select & edit photos, I updated 128 photos to my website below.
Please visit the website if you have free time.  It would be great for me if you feel energy of young people from my photos.

We were dancing to “Long Train Runnin'” of club remix version :D

Interim party report of “TRIANGLE”

First of all I thank you so much for enjoying the party together.  Seven hours non-stop music selected by DJs, drinking and talking with my friends and shooting exciting field…all the things were great.  Many people already asked the stuff when we have the next party :D

Anyway I have to select and edit my photos of the party and it must take some days because I finished 4GB SD card.  I’ll let you know when I finish my work.

Special thanks to realworld; “may the light be with you” haha

I’ll be an official photographer for a party tonight

All mix club party “TRIANGLE” is going to be held tonight at JK IBARAKI, Osaka.  I hope you will join us when you are in Osaka, Kobe or Kyoto tonight.  Let’s enjoy seven hours, from 22:00 to 05:00, non-stop musics selected by nine DJs together.  I try my best for taking good photos of dancing and drinking people.  Wish me luck, please :)

This is a photo of DJ MASASHI selecting excellent musics at BAR Remix.  Aperture was f/5.6 and shutter speed was 2 sec.  I fired built-in flash to get clear image of the DJ then I intentionally shook my camera t0 get lines of lights.  Please try the technique if my photo interests you.