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Flowers in April, 2011 in Osaka

All four photos were taken with PENTAX K-5 + TAMRON 272E in the Expo’70 Memorial Park.
The third one is my favorite :)


DJ photos = K5 + fisheye + flash + action

These three photos were taken at a small party organized by my friend who lives in Nagoya.  He drove his car two hours for the party here.  We enjoyed excellent musics selected by DJs and Jack Daniel’s together.  Thanks my friend!  Music and whisky make me forget negative thinking and make me go ahead.

I also enjoyed taking photos of DJs with my PENTAX K-5 + fisheye + flash.  Using flash with slow shutter speed of 1 sec. gave these photos interesting effects, isn’t it?  It is my pleasure that you feel like listening music and smelling alcohol when you watch my photos :)