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Two sunset photos taken in 2010

I’ve checked my photo stream stocked in my iMac.  My photo stream started on May 26, 2000 when I bought the first IXI digital.  I had Apple Quick Take 150 before but its photos were lost when I changed PCs.  Checking old photos makes me happy and sometimes reminds me what I have forgotten.  Each photo brings me feeling and passion when I took the photo.  I’m so happy with photography.

Sunset with electric poles and wires:  PENTAX K200D + Super-Takumar 1:1.8/55 (I forgot f stop as I used M42 mount lens, 1/4000, ISO200)

Sunset with gantry cranes:  PENTAX K-x + TAMURON A16 (f/8, 1/1000, ISO200)


One response

  1. Lovely photos Yan. You are a very talented photographyer!

    March 15, 2011 at 07:27

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