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All mix party “TRIANGLE” report

As I mentioned before I enjoyed all mix party “TRIANGLE” at JK IBARAKI on September 18, 2010.  Over 120 people visited the bar and enjoyed excellent musics and alcohol together.  Thank you very much again to join us.

I took over 780 photos at the party without sleeping, hehe.  Though it took time to select & edit photos, I updated 128 photos to my website below.
Please visit the website if you have free time.  It would be great for me if you feel energy of young people from my photos.

We were dancing to “Long Train Runnin'” of club remix version :D


A swallowtail butterfly

I visited my parents with my family last weekend.  I’m looking forward to seeing my mom’s flowers whenever I go there.  Unfortunately there was no good object to shoot in her garden this time so I made up my mind to go out with my camera.

I met a beautiful swallowtail butterfly very soon.  The butterfly kept on eating.  It must be so hungry :D

Rice field in Nara prefecture, Japan.  Harvest season will come soon.

I met a praying mantis in the rice field.  The praying mantis must say “WHAT?”  haha

I finally found a red spider lily.  It was the first one I saw this year.  It seems blooming season of red spider lily is two weeks behind compared with last year.

Interim party report of “TRIANGLE”

First of all I thank you so much for enjoying the party together.  Seven hours non-stop music selected by DJs, drinking and talking with my friends and shooting exciting field…all the things were great.  Many people already asked the stuff when we have the next party :D

Anyway I have to select and edit my photos of the party and it must take some days because I finished 4GB SD card.  I’ll let you know when I finish my work.

Special thanks to realworld; “may the light be with you” haha

I’ll be an official photographer for a party tonight

All mix club party “TRIANGLE” is going to be held tonight at JK IBARAKI, Osaka.  I hope you will join us when you are in Osaka, Kobe or Kyoto tonight.  Let’s enjoy seven hours, from 22:00 to 05:00, non-stop musics selected by nine DJs together.  I try my best for taking good photos of dancing and drinking people.  Wish me luck, please :)

This is a photo of DJ MASASHI selecting excellent musics at BAR Remix.  Aperture was f/5.6 and shutter speed was 2 sec.  I fired built-in flash to get clear image of the DJ then I intentionally shook my camera t0 get lines of lights.  Please try the technique if my photo interests you.

Yellow flowers (Patrinia scabiosifolia)

Did it start to get cooler in your city?  We still have hot days in daytime though it becomes comfortable in the morning.  I wandered around Expo’70 Memorial Park with my camera yesterday.  Walking in hot daytime made me so tired but I found yellow flowers which was called “Ominaeshi” in Japanese.  The plant is seen in North East Asia and is typical flower in autumn in old-time Japan.  Unfortunately it becomes difficult to see the plant in nature here.

One more photo at Yamazaki Distillery

SUNTORY Yamazaki Distillery

I don’t think I posted photos of SUNTORY Yamazaki Distillery where I visited last month with my friends to study what is whisky.  Er…sorry, main purpose to visit there was to enjoy 15min. free tasting :D  Factory tour is free as well however there are few foreign people to attend the tour.  The distillery is located between Osaka and Kyoto so it’s so easy to visit.  Don’t miss the free factory tour and 15min. free tasting if you visit Osaka and/or Kyoto next time.

Pink flowers (Crape-myrtle)

We can see white and purple crape-myrtle flowers except for pink one.  I prefer pink one to others because pink flowers are the best for color contrast against blue sky and green leaves.

A white flower in a Jurassic Park

I found a beautiful flower in a Jurassic Park; Universal Studios Japan.  I’m not too sure but it seems a kind of lily.  Does anyone know its name?


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